About Us

Welcome to SupplementPass™, Co-Founder, Chris Clark, got his start in the supplement business with TwinLab, the sports nutrition leader at the time. He was a formulation expert within the company and grew to be one of their top salesman.

His time at Twinlab helped him understand. Not only what the market was wanting in terms of the products, but also what really drove their buying decisions.
Clark went on to leave TwinLab and create his own supplement line, which made it’s way into retail giants like Wal-mart, Sams Club, bodybuilding.com, and GNC.
He realized that even with these massive distribution channels, margins were still razor thin which forced him to sell at an extremely high prices for his products.

He knew that the products cost a fraction of what he was forced to sell at.
He struggled with the fact that this product he created would be well received and provide great results, however, was out of reach for a majority of consumers due to the price point.

Clark reunited with a Childhood friend, Aaron Peden, who was running a multi-million dollar communications business. Peden, being the innovator and “Idea guy” behind a lot of innovative ventures, was a perfect prospect to figure a solution to get Clarks' incredible product into the hands of consumers at an affordable cost.

Peden knew the answer was simple….Supply chain. He knew you needed to control the supply chain.

"Give consumers the products they want, without the expensive branding and without the retail markups."

And there, SupplementPass was born. Essentially waving margin on product and using the membership fees to keep inventory stocked at incredibly low pricing.

So Peden began networking with several manufactures and leveraging Clarks' relationships he had built from his time in the supplement space.

With a long list of prospective partners on the supply side, Peden brought in his business partner, Ben Morgan [Now SupplementPass CEO] to do the talking and negotiating.

Morgan runs a multi-million dollar pest control business and was the perfect choice when it came to running this new venture.

Morgan was able to strike huge partnerships with manufactures who saw the vision and agreed to supply product at rock bottom pricing.

With Clarks' connections and industry knowledge, Pedens' innovation, and Morgans' negotiation and operations specialty, SupplementPass is on mission to change the industry and make High Quality supplements affordable for all consumers.